Talent Shows


Dream Team 2

A team of celebrities duke it out with other organizations in a competition of the fittest in Dream Team (Season 2). The first season originally premiered in 1999 and held great success over its six year run-time, but the newest season aired in 2009 featuring many fresh faces and hallyu stars. The members of Dream Team rotate out until one of the strongest teams to have ever been seen takes the scene by force. Let’s Go Dream Team!

Idol Star Olympics (2013)

Watch as stars from a multitude of popular groups show off their athletic skills in Olympic style. The teams are composed of a mix of artists and bands that come together to compete for street credit and a prize in events such as running, archery, high jump, and more.

K-Pop Star

Survival Audition K-pop Star (Korean: 서바이벌 오디션 K팝 스타) is a South Korean reality TV competition series where the three largest entertainment/talent agencies in South Korea hold worldwide auditions to find the next potential K-Pop idols. The final winner will debut with the company of his or her choice (SM, YG, or JYP) and take with them a cash prize of 300,000,000 ₩ (approximately $300,000 USD), two brand new vehicles, opportunities to be cast in dramas or commercials, and more.

Star Dance Battle

This show features a variety of idols and groups who show off their dance skills in a group-style dance battle. Each group entry is divided onto two major teams. Ranging from parodies to covers to mashups, the groups compete for the audience’s votes to determine a tally to which team wins a shareable prize and street cred’ in the end.

Weekly Idol

The show consists of several segments, in which the idol group members dance, rank themselves, play games, and verify/deny rumors in a comedic way. This show is not held with much formality (at least as talk shows are concerned) which allows for the comedy and improv to slip into the show and engage in a little slapstick activity with the two comedian hosts, Jeong Hyeong Don (정형돈) and Defconn. {Note: We have included this under Talk Shows as well}

WIN: Who Is Next?

Watch as two trainee squads from YG Entertainment, Team A and Team B, duke it out for a chance to debut and official claim their spot in the YG Family. A series of battles end with votes from some of the most prestigious guest judges in the South Korean entertainment industry, but ultimately the fans decide!

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