Running Man (Korean Variety Shows)

Running Man Despicable MeCurrent Cast: Yu Jae-suk, Gary, Ha-ha, Ji Suk-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Lee Kwang-soo, and Song Ji-hyo
Former Cast: Lizzy (After School), Song Joong-ki
Available Subtitles: English

Nearly every week Running Man brings a couple special guests onto the show to compete in the challenges with them. The whole goal of the game: win the challenges to obtain a running ball, the ticket to escape punishment. Now, the game has evolved to be more rewarding for the Running Men with a variety of prizes, bonuses, and escapes.

Note: All of our content was blocked, we have now restored most of it! All episodes have been fixed! Most will have the videos embedded while some will contain links to other sites where you can watch.

All Episodes

Credits go to iSubs, kShows, and other sources; we do not profit from this material, nor do we own these videos. We will continue to update the videos as soon as we can. If there is a newer episode that we do not have up, leave a comment and we will attend to it sooner. Also, please leave a comment if any of the links are blocked or broken. Thank you from the CultureQuote team!

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5 thoughts on “Running Man (Korean Variety Shows)

  1. I’m from Malaysia and I can’t watch any of the episode that’s from Youtube.. Says that it’s not allowed.. Please look into it.. Thank you..

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