Chinese (Cantonese)

Miao Miao (渺渺) 2008

A Taiwanese teen romance story focuses on Ai, a sassy high school girl who dreams of making the perfect pastry and Miao Miao, the new exchange student from Japan who’s quiet exterior masks the inner master chef. Ai is immediately attracted to the reticent, gentle newcomer. The two become best friends, palling around after school, sharing each other’s secrets and baking cakes together. It doesn’t take long for Miao Miao to find first love in the form of sullen record store owner Chen Fei, who shuts out the world with a pair of headphones. Miao Miao enlists Ai’s help in winning his affections. Jealous and frustrated, Ai finds her feelings for her best pal go beyond friendship. Miao Miao tells a solid story about friendship and first love.

Chinese (Mandarin)

Secret (不能说的秘密) 2007

Ye Xianglun, a music student majoring in piano, transfers to Tamkang (Danjiang) Secondary School. It is a school famous for musically talented students, especially in piano. On the first day of school, as he wanders through the piano building, he hears a mysterious melody being played that leads him to Lu Xiaoyu, another piano major. When he asks her about the song she was playing, she tells him that it is a secret that cannot be told. The two develop a relationship that is clouded in mystery.


Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes (Aguirre, the Wrath of God) 1972

In 1560, a thousand Spanish conquistadors, and a score of captured Indians, march down from Quito in the Andes mountains into the jungle below. Under the command of Gonzalo Pizarro, the party’s mission is to find El Dorado. The men, clad in half armor, pull cannons through narrow mountainous paths and hot, thickly humid jungle. After much difficulty, on New Year’s Eve, Pizarro orders a small expeditionary group of forty men to continue ahead by rafting down a river in search of El Dorado. If they do not return to the main party within one week with news of what lies beyond, they will be considered lost.


Kal Ho Naa Ho (There May or May Not Be a Tomorrow) 2007

Centered around Naina Kapur, an angry young woman living in New York City with her family. Her father committed suicide when she was young, leaving her mother Jennifer Kapur alone with Naina and her two younger siblings, Shiv and Gia. The restaurant that her mom operates with a friend is financially faltering. Furthermore, Naina’s paternal grandmother, Lajjo, blames Jennifer for the suicide and refuses to accept Gia (who was adopted by Jennifer) as her granddaughter, blaming her for bringing bad luck to the family.



As in the manga, Jiji is tasked by the Tokugawa shogunate to raise a band of assassins. Their task is to finish off Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s three allies: Nagamasa Asano, Kiyomasa Kato and Masayuki Sanada, to prevent an outbreak of the new civil war. Azumi  is discovered as a little girl kneeling without visible emotion next to the body of her dead mother by Gessai and his entourage of young students. She is then raised by him in the martial skills of sword fighting and the art of assassination. Azumi and her classmates are constantly being told about a “mission” they must accomplish, though they have no idea what this mission is yet.

Azumi 2: Death or Love 2005

Azumi and her only remaining colleague Nagara find themselves hunted by ninjas hired by General Kanbei for the assassinations they have carried out, one of which is the killing of his master. They hide temporarily in a temple so Nagara can heal his wounds sustained from their recent encounter. Azumi comes across some bandits led by Ginkaku, a young bandit who bears a striking resemblance to Azumi’s former friend (and love interest) Nachi. Later, Azumi and Nagara are found by the ninja working for Gessai and after discussing it, they leave to seek out their final target.

Karate Girl (KG カラテガール) 2011

Rina Takeda and Haruna Tobimatsu co-star as sisters Ayaka and Natsuki Kurenai, the youngest descendants of a legendary Okinawan karate master named Shoujirou Kurenai. As children, they live a happy life with their father (Tatsuya Naka) who encourages them both to practice karate. However, one day a mysterious group breaks into their dojo – killing their father, kidnapping Natsuki, and stealing the black belt which has been passed down in their family for over 200 years. Several years later, the group reappears and she is determined to get her sister back.

Swing Girls 2003

Tomoko and her classmates are given a reprieve from their dreary summer math class with the job of delivering lunch to their high school brass team. Unfortunately the girls fall asleep on the train and miss their intended stop. The food spoiled by the time the girls delivered the food, causing all the members of the brass team got sick, except for Nakamura. The following day, Nakamura is left to reassemble the brass club, but only 3 girls show up for the auditions. 2 are heavy metal rock girls that bring their amps and guitar and bass. The other girl seems promising but brings a flute. Nakamura soon sees the girls from the math class, that delivered the lunch late, laughing in the hallway. He demands that they join the brass band or he will tell the faculty that the food wasn’t spoiled from the factory but that the girls were at fault.


Always/Only You (오직 그대만) 2011

Cheol-min, a man with a dark, mysterious past, gets hired at a part-time night job as a parking lot attendant. He sits in the tiny pay booth in the parking lot and stares at the small television. A woman named Jung-hwa walks into the booth. She offers something to Cheol-min and sits next to him. Cheol-min realizes the woman is blind and she is confusing him for the parking attendant who worked there previously. Nevertheless, the woman comes back on another night to watch the same television drama. She constantly asks Cheol-min questions on what is happening on the television screen. Cheol-min starts becoming attached to the woman, as he finds out that their past is tied by a life-altering incident.

Mr. 아이돌 (Mr. Idol) [English Subtitles] 2011

The South Korean entertainment industry is swamped with idols these days. Plastered on the walls of ever coffee shop in town and invited into dramas centered around making it in the industry (Dream High, K-Pop Survival, etc). And now there is Mr. Idol! The synopsis goes a little like this: Goo-joo was once a famous producer who left the music industry after one of her idol group members died in an accident. One day, she encounters Yoo-jin who was booted out of an agency called Star Music after years of training to be a singer. Goo-joo believes Yoo-jin could be a star and decides to produce an idol group called “Mr. Children” which quickly attracts public attention and their fans increase exponentially. But Goo-joo, Yoo-jin, and the members of “Mr. Children” face a hard time as Star Music fights back.


First Kiss/Love at the Next Stop (รักสุดท้ายป้ายหน้า) 2012

Chanisa is an ordinary office girl who never wants to fall in love as the memory of her first love has been haunting her for so long. But destiny takes her to awkwardly meet a guy younger than her who would change her life. She doesn’t know if this love would last when the guy is just a high school boy. But things get complicated when her first love re-enters her life. This ends up encouraging the high school boy to try even harder to win her heart rather.

Yes or No (รัก/ไม่รัก อย่ากั๊กเลย) 2010

Pie is a sweet girl who moves into a new college dorm room where she finds out that her new roommate Kim, is a tomboy who looks and dress like a boy. As their friendship develops, Pie and Kim begin to wonder if the feeling they feel for one another is just an ordinary friendship or true love.

Yes or No 2 (อยากรัก ก็รักเลย 2) 2012

Three years later Kim and Pie are in love, but after graduation they have to travel into two different directions for their internship; Kim is going to work in a farm in the northern province of Nan, while Pie is going South to work in a fishery center. Their love is being tested by the distance. The love between Pie and Kim isn’t bright anymore. Some new friends, Yam and Maysa,  become a distraction and make their relationship much more complicated than before.

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