DWAWG Update! Episode 43 Released and Episode 44 Raw

Calling all “Dad, Where Are We Going?” fans! Episode 43 has now been uploaded with English subtitles for your enjoyment! We have also linked in the raw (not subtitled) episode 44. We will keep you posted when the next couple episodes are linked in. We will be posting singular episode updates only to Twitter and Facebook from now on, so if you have not already follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get the latest news and updates!


Update for Running Man Lovers!

With recent events leaving iSubs running dry with their accounts wiped, we are making an effort to reupload and relink Running Man videos. As of now, we have relinked all episodes! It takes loads of time to reinstate all of the episodes, so please support our efforts to bring you a safe environment to watch your favorite shows in! Leave us (or the general public, for that matter) a comment on your opinions of the show! Vocal viewers help create the best communities!

Featured Video Series of the Week: Who Is Next? [Korean Talent Show]

The featured series for this week is the fan-supported and deciding talent competition of “WIN: Who Is Next?” Watch as two trainee squads from YG Entertainment, Team A and Team B, duke it out for a chance to debut and official claim their spot in the YG Family. A series of battles end with votes from some of the most prestigious guest judges in the South Korean entertainment industry, but ultimately the fans decide! Who do you follow? Click here to go to this show.

Also, I just wanted to mention that the FVS of the Week is every other week or so (unfortunately, it might sometimes be better represented by FVS of the Month). Currently, with school in session, there is a limited amount of time to post up new videos and lessons (as per the poll on what we should develop first) so I apologize in advance if we lag behind. The team will make an effort to be more consistent in our uploading. The process can be boring and monotonous, so please show us your support! A short three word comment makes our day!

Featured Video Series of the Week: Family Outing (Korean Variety Show)

This week’s featured video series is actually the well-known Korean variety series “Family Outing.” As a part of SBS’s Good Sunday lineup, it was first aired on June 15, 2008 and was popular enough to be followed by a short second season featuring a brand new cast. In each episode, the “Family” (a group of 8 or more celebrity singers, comedians, actors and more) travels to different parts of South Korea and takes care of the house of an elderly family while that family goes on a vacation. The “Family” then accomplishes the list tasks left for them by the house’s owners while competing in games for airtime. This non-scripted shows allows us to see the true colors of these celebrities as the comedic games ensue. Click here to go to this show.

Featured Video Series of the Week: Engine (Japanese Drama)

This week’s featured video series is a Japanese drama known as “Engine.” Jiro Kanazaki is a driver with astonishing technique and speed. An altercation in a European race tour forced him off his team and when he tries to come back on, he finds that the team no longer needs him as they have younger and more skilled drivers. Jiro attempts to get back in the game, but lives with his parents and helps with their orphanage in the meantime. Click here to go to this show.