I’m Back! (Momentarily)

It has been quite a while since I have made an effort to do anything of significance on my website. After I returned from Ecuador, I found that many habits had shifted. My time emphasis moved around and many of my projects in progress were put to the wayside for further evaluation. I did not desire to work on the website at the time, partially because I had to figure out my schooling (I switched my major from one engineering discipline to another) and the other because I had to re-figure my priorities.

Ecuadorian Flag

The Ecuadorian flag flies high over the city of Guayaquil

Now that I seem to have a better grasp on what is whirling around (and the fact that I have been decently bored recently, having taken out “videos and other moving-visual media” out of my week for Lent). I had an extra few hours on my hands today, so I came back here to poke around and found that there is still so much that I can–that I want–to do on this blog. So as a little kick-starter to celebrate my re-entrance into the blogging world, I want to announce that all the Running Man links are fixed (yes, all 190 episodes…)! I will continue to maintain some of the video-entertainment side, but I am switching the emphasis here. I don’t particularly want this site to be known as the “site to find -Insert TV Show-” rather I want to build a community where there is more or less an exchange and presentation of new and different perspectives: an interactive community.

It shames me to see good ideas go uncontested. Why? Not just for the sake of argument, but because contesting a present point means that the reader isn’t silent. Too much of my generation has been pulled into the devastating cycle of absorb and consume without a thought to contribute a comment or opinion. On the other hand, trolling just to troll is not acceptable. I’m sure most can agree with that. But those well-thought-out arguments, the cases with evidence and reasoning, should be encouraged much more than it is. Don’t be a silent surfer, but don’t be brash. Speak up.

I have decided that I want to make this more of a blog community rather than an “official website” or anything of that nonsense. I want to get to know the CultureQuote community more and present the quirkiness I find around me everyday (feel free to point out any quirks you have noticed of your own). I know this is a lofty goal, all in all, but I also know that the international blog-o-sphere community is great. Please don’t be shy to proffer opinions for improvements or even simply drop a line for something cool you’d like to see. And thank you for all of your continued support.


Website Information: Notice of Hiatus

DSCF0266Upon return to the States from a mission trip in Ecuador, it has come to my realization that CultureQuote has been running headlong down a path that has taken us where I did not originally intend to go.

Due to a multitude of reasons, I am placing a suspension on the development of the entertainment video part of the site. When I started my blog last March, I did not intend to have a largely developed video section due to many factors, including unintended infringement and legal issues. I only wanted to share what shows I had found interesting while pursuing advancement in language level.

After the two week trip with little to no Internet connectivity I was granted time to ponder over what is truly important. During this, I realized that I must prioritize more. Too much time has escaped me since the time consuming development of–and, at times, obsession over–CultureQuote has dominated my priorities. The entire CultureQuote team is now in the thick of their collegiate studies and has to devote much time to building their foundations from which to launch successful and fulfilling careers. It has been overdue to switch our studies to the top of our list, so I am actively encouraging the team to take a break from CultureQuote and only post when they have down time. Time is a precious commodity that I dare say no one has enough of and it is of the utmost importance to use it wisely.

Once I reconnected and set my personal affairs straight, I set to check the site and see what new developments have surfaced. To my despair I came back to a bucket load of spam comments accompanied by emails lashing out at the team for not double checking to see if video links still worked or were for the right episodes (among other not-so-friendly topics). It is hard to want to continue to upload and link videos when we get loads of depreciating messages and unfair to the team to ask them to ignore and power through these rude comments. I understand that most of the community is thoughtful and does not intend to offend, but to those few “bad apples” out there I ask that you please think of the repercussions before trolling web developers that attempt to bring you what you want and consume.

At this point, we get many requests for new shows that many of us have often never heard of. The list is beginning to get unbearably long and with only the handful of us trying to keep up, we can no longer maintain a quick enough pace. None of us receive any compensation for our time, neither monetary or otherwise, which puts a strain on us as we have to maintain other means to make a living. We are all unpaid volunteers and all ads on this site come from embedded ads that WordPress, Dailymotion, and other subber sites have requested. Not a single cent comes as a reward for our diligence and effort.

There are many other minor reasons that added to our decision. Just as a little recap, we will not take down any video content unless requested to by a third party and will not be adding any new episodes or shows. We will, however, continue to write and develop the many other sections of the site. The team has come to the conclusion that we want to make this site more personal and blog-like as originally intended and will switch our focus to writing articles and sharing our explorations and findings.

I extend my deepest apologies if this has offended any of you. I never would have dreamt that CultureQuote would get thousands of daily views and I thank all our visitors for helping make the site successful. The team has come to this decision after much debate and we understand if you wish to leave the CultureQuote community.

Let us not end this on a dour note. The best thing about culture is that there are many sides and attributes to it. There is no finite end to what can be learned. There is no banner that marks the finish line. That is what makes the world diverse and worth exploring. That experience is what we wish to share and encourage discussion of.


“Culture is the sum of all forms of art. Of love and of thought, which, in the course of centuries, have enabled man to be less enslaved.” – André Malraux

Best Regards,

Dani & the CultureQuote Team

Featured Video Series of the Week: Engine (Japanese Drama)

This week’s featured video series is a Japanese drama known as “Engine.” Jiro Kanazaki is a driver with astonishing technique and speed. An altercation in a European race tour forced him off his team and when he tries to come back on, he finds that the team no longer needs him as they have younger and more skilled drivers. Jiro attempts to get back in the game, but lives with his parents and helps with their orphanage in the meantime. Click here to go to this show.

Featured Video Series of the Week: Running Man

This week’s featured video series is a South Korean variety show known as “Running Man” where the cast – a combination of idols and celebrities – complete a set of challenges and a race in order to escape a comical punishment. Each episode features a different S. Korean landmark, celebrity guests, and theme as they compete for the ticket to escape – the cherish Running Ball. Click here to go to this show.

The reason? Through our process of building Culture Quote we have simply decided to include a branch of video material with English subtitles in order to increase access to shows that are extremely difficult to find on the Internet with out putting bucket loads of time into the search process. As such, we have decided to feature a particular video or set of shows each week.

A Place to Fill All Your Culture Needs

This site is designed to be a one-stop shop for multicultural media and language learning material. As this is just the beginning, we’ll be working to get as much up as possible and be sure to post any requests to up a page’s priority in the Request tab!

We understand how hard it can be to find free material online. On top of that, the quality is often iffy or on a basic level which makes it hard once you get past the first survival phrases. As such, our goal is to pinpoint the best sites and materials for all levels of culture and language learning.

On Culture Quote, you can find any combination of media that you would need to learn about another country. If we don’t have something you want or need, just let us know and we will try our best to upload it. Please do realize that we are in no way professionals. We simply have a strong belief that raising awareness of cultures is a key as the world evolves into an interconnected community.

Whether just exploring from your computer or globe-trekking in person, the opportunities are endless. Culture Quote features music with lyrics and translations, news, language lessons, various videos, and more.

Operation Information

We are currently in the process of building the site, so please excuse missing information. As information is uploaded, notices will appear in the feed below. If there is something you would like us to put on a priority list, just leave us a message at culturequote@outlook.com. We ask that you realize that requests that involve mature material will be filtered and edited before we publish it as we intend to keep this website as family friendly as possible. We will fulfill all priority requests as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and please check back soon.