Cantonese (Chinese)

Cantonese Alphabet

This chart examines the Cantonese alphabet and the corresponding phonetics. Once again, we strongly suggest listening to the tones while committing it to memory.

Cantonese Alphabet English Sound Pronunciation Example
A ēi
西 C
艾弗 F ài fú
艾尺 H ài chǐ
I ài
J jié
K kāi
艾勒 L ài lè
艾马 M ài mǎ
艾娜 N ài nà
O ó
吉吾 Q jí wú
艾儿 R ài ér
艾丝 S ài sī
伊吾 U yī wú
V wéi
豆贝尔维 W dòu bèi ěr wéi
艾克斯 X yī kè sī
吾艾 Y wú ài
贼德 Z zéi dé

Reference Books and Materials

Cantonese – Basic

This is a beginner PDF book for Cantonese learners. It takes you through the fundamentals of grammar and word functionality as well as phonetics. We strongly suggest that you watch the videos or listen to audio lessons for proper pronunciation of pinyin.

This page is still under construction. Please check back soon or leave a request to up this page’s priority.


2 thoughts on “Cantonese (Chinese)

  1. Can you upload Intermediate Cantonese by the same authors? That would be IMMENSELY helpful for me. Mandarin is easy to learn; classes are all over the place. Cantonese language learning has many barriers to entry/access. Thank you for your time and thank you for creating this awesome blog! 🙂

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