Chinese Short Story 002 – 愚公移山 (Mr. Stupid Moves the Mountains)

There were two mountains, TaiHang and WangWu, in the North of HeYang State. Both of them were bigger than 700 square miles, and taller than thousands of meters.

Mr. Stupid was a 90-years-old man. His home was in the north of the mountains. Every time, his families had to climb across mountains to go to the city. One day, he convened his family and said,”I am tired of climbing the mountains every time. Do you think it can work, if we move the two mountains to other place?” His wife answered,”It even is unbelievable for you to move the hill outside of our house. Moreover, where can you put the rocks?” Their son said, “We can put the rocks into BoHai Sea.” Therefore, Mr. Stupid led three of his sons and began to break the rocks on the mountains and moved them into BoHai Sea.

At the beginning, all of their neighbors laughed at them. However, more and more people joined them later. One day, Mr. Smart met them and laughed at Mr. Stupid,”You are so stupid. You are so old now. There is no difference between you and a dead person. You can’t finish your plan before you die.” Mr. Stupid answered,”I am stubborn. After I die, my son will keep working on it. After my son dies, my grandson will keep working on it. My family won’t give up, and the mountains won’t grow. There will be one day that we can finish my dream.” Mr. Smart had no words to answer him.


When I heard this story in my childhood, I had a question in my mind, “Did Mr. stupid succeed?”  Later, I found my answer from the Chinese map. However, I got another question,”Is this story true? Maybe the two mountains were always at that places where they are.” Honestly, I don’t know. But I know cleverness is not as important as people thought. Intelligence can help people figure out the easiest way to get their goals. However, absurdness is the reason that humans could create so many miracles in our history.


About 正弋

A Chinese in Kansas State University. A male feminist.

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