Best Sci-fi Short. Ever.

Ok, so I’m a bit of a nerd if you couldn’t already tell from my engineering major and ranging scholarly curiosities. Recently, science fiction has captivated my interest as I work my way through the Dune Chronicles by Frank Herbert and the Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan (so far, both great series!) Well, aside from books, I’ve always enjoyed a relaxing movie night on occasion. Well, summer boredom overtook me and I started poking around the sci-fi shorts on YouTube. You can certainly find a variety of them online as they range from quick and cheap homemade films to grandiose projects. After watching a gazillion-and-one of them, I came across this one: Plurality. Why don’t you just take a look for yourself.

Fifteen minutes well spent? I’d say so. The interesting thing is that this short is not highly talked about, surprisingly so as it is a well made masterpiece. It plays on the balance of privacy vs security, a long discussed issue when it comes to modern technology and warfare. Do you think the environment in Plurality could be somewhere not to far in our future?


About CultureQuote - Dani

An engineering and language student at Kansas State University, I strongly believe that language learning should be free and that the only way to help inform people of cultural barriers is to openly provide materials and resources to explore.

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