Breaking News! Wiping of Accounts, Widespread Abuse, Disruptions of Searches

We have two main updates that we wish to make viewers and readers be aware of pertaining to video series that can be found on this site.

#1: Wiping of Accounts, Disruptions of Searches

Most of the Korean variety show, “Running Man“, videos have been removed from Dailymotion for copyright issues and have such affected the availability of them for our site. This also has caused us to be called to the broadcaster’s attention and 90% of our Running Man pages have been removed from Google search. With these two events we have set out to restore the episodes on our site and currently have fixed episodes 90-162 with a few miscellaneous ones that we could find laced within 1-89. Most of our videos were from iSubs, but their account has been wiped. They, too, are in the process of reuploading all their hard work and I will provide links and embeds as soon as I can.

support_us_takeactionAs for the removal from Google, we ask that you support us by sharing as many episode page links as possible on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sources so that others can find our videos that we bring to you virus-free! We have a commitment to help viewers watch their favorite shows without virus attacks, and as such, any links that we include for video episodes have been verified as virus-free. Another friendly reminder, if any video is blocked or a link corrupted please don’t be shy and leave us a comment or a request!

#2: Widespread Abuse.

This second one is more of a community reminder. We DO NOT make any money off of our site and do not intend to in the future. As such, I want to remind people to not continuously use links that lead to profit sites such as or any other “link shorteners for money” unless it is directly from the SUBBER. The uploader and subber may be different people, and like us at CultureQuote, we generally do not subtitle videos ourselves. The entire team strongly believes that it is morally and ethically wrong to profit off of another’s hard work. Please do not support those who abuse the system! We will not use URL shorteners or any modes for profiting off of videos unless the original subber contacts and requests us to do so for them. Any shortened links (although we currently do not have any) will be noted either at the top or bottom of the episode page with the subber’s name and official request notice. Otherwise, there may be direct links to videos on Dailymotion and YouTube because we cannot embed them directly into the page.

Lend the community of hard working, unpaid providers your support! We will always truly stick to this motto: